‘We source our marble from Spanish and Italian suppliers ensuring the quality of our marbles and products are of the best available.’

We use Spanish and Italian Marble manufactured from two of the finest manufacturers in the world. The use of quality marble is of the highest importance when choosing a fireplace (or anything else) for your home. We chose to source our marble from these two manufacturers due due their quality products, passion for marble and their for ecology. Here you will find some FAQ’s and a small profile of the 2 manufacturers we use and some of their accreditations. 


Why choose European Marble?

The European Marble we use is of the highest quality available. The resin content (used to create the consistant pattern) is low -approx 5%-.

There is an influx of cheaper marbles flooding the market from the far east and they use a much higher resin content, this makes the marble appear chalky compared to the highly polished finish of our European Marble. It can also cause problems with the Marble burning with higher output fires.

Is the Marble safe for use with Glass Fronted Gas Fires?

Due to the high quality of our marble and the low resin content, our fireplaces will be fine with glass fronted gas fires. We recommed having the back panel cut into 3 sections (to reduce the risk of cracking) but this isn’t always necessary. Please contact us if you’re in doubt.

What is the difference between Micro Marble and Natural Marble?

Natural Marble is slabs of marble cut straight from the ground and used to produce goods. Our Micro Marble is made from 95% Marble with a 5% resin to create a consistent pattern across the marble. (We do also use Natural Marble)

How thick is the marble?

We buy our Marbles in 20mm and 30mm thick.

Is the Marble 'Hardwearing'?

Marble is definitely one of the hardest wearing of fireplace materials. If it is maintained and cared for properly it will last a lifetime and more.

It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is almost  maintenance free. However, marble is a natural material with a very similar composition to shells, teeth and bone and as is prone to damage and etching if exposed to anything acidic in nature.

Compac the surfaces company logo
Compaq spanish marble (es)


COMPAC, THE SURFACES COMPANY, is the leading company in Spain marketing high quality decorative surfaces. Founded in 1975, we were the first Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surface coverings. Today we are a large multinational with 100% Spanish capital that has learned how to grow while preserving our flexibility and independent decision-making spirit.

COMPAC has two modern production centers for TECHNOLOGICAL MARBLE (Spain) and TECHNOLOGICAL QUARTZ (Portugal), with a combined capacity of over 4.5 million square meters (48,437,597 ft²) of products per year. A large-scale company with over 400 professionals, whose common aim is to improve COMPAC products every day and offer a better and more complete service to customers.. 

Quarella, world leader in the production of quartz and marble agglomerates.
Quarella italian marble (IT)


Quarella is a world leader in the production of quartz and marble agglomerates.

The company was established over 40 years ago in Verona, one of the most beautiful Italian cities, which is a patrimony of UNESCO. It’s also the city of love between Romeo and Juliet and the celebrated Arena, which is a temple of opera music. Verona is so rich in history and full of emotions that it is one of the classical places of the Italian lifestyle, that set of qualities, taste and elegance that the whole world envies Italy for.

We produce our products precisely through the inspiration from the high aesthetic and technological qualities of Made in Italy products. We produce every year quartz and marble surfaces, with a capability for innovation appreciated all over the world.