Marble Fireplaces is rated 9.8 out of 10 based on 240 reviews.

Marble Fireplaces is rated 9.9 out of 10 based on 190 reviews and ranked 2nd in the Fireplaces Catagory (Our sister company is number 1!)

Marble Fireplaces

My marble fireplaces and marble fire surrounds are manufactured in my own Birmingham based UK workshops. I use only superior quality marble slabs from Spain and Italy to produce my fireplaces.

(Please don’t confuse these high quality marble fireplaces with cheap Chinese marble many companies now use)

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Marble Fire Surrounds

We are proud to bring you a range of high quality, beautifully crafted fire surrounds. We use both modern and traditional methods of manufacture, allowing us to craft intricate detail and design into what will become a popular focal point in your home.

All of our marble fire surrounds are suitable for solid fuel fires and stoves.

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Limestone Fireplaces

My Limestone Fireplaces are manufactured using quality Portuguese, Semi Rijo limestone and a combination of modern machinery and traditional hand finishing by skilled stone masons. Each and every Limestone Fireplace has natural veins and structure so no two Limestone Fireplaces are the same, this ensures the Limestone Fireplace you choose is unique to you.

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Our Sister Companies

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